Willistead Manor Wedding Photographers


Thank you for giving us the choice of all of them, I don’t know how we will ever choose,
each and every one is absolutely beautiful and we have you to thank!
I honestly can’t thank you enough for capturing our day. Words cannot describe how
absolutely thrilled we are with the pictures, they are all stunning! They truly are
amazing; you definitely have a natural talent for what you do! You really captured
Andrew and I perfectly. They are much much more than I ever hoped for in my wedding
photos. Booking you for our photographer was the best decision we made for our wedding,
and we can’t thank you enough! It was an absolute pleasure working with you, and we
wish you the best of luck with the remainder of your pregnancy! I’m sure we will
be able to work with you for family photos one day 😉
Truly, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you, thank you, thank you!
~ Rebecca & Andrew
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Windsors Best Wedding Photographers 2016TOTALLY IN AWE

Thank you SO much!!! We just looked at them all, and are totally in awe!!! I can’t thank you enough 🙂
~ Jessica & Joe
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Windsor Engagement PhotographersLOVE EVERY SINGLE PICTURE

We are so incredibly happy with how the engagement photos turned out!!! Your work is
beautiful beyond words. We love every single picture. Thank you so much for your
kind words in your blog post. We had such a great time working with you during our
engagement photo session and we cannot wait for you to capture the moments of our wedding.
~ Kristie & Joshua
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Best of Windsor Wedding PhotographersSO TRULY THANK YOU

Thanks so much and for everything you guys did to make sure you could give us the best!!
I know you stayed a bit later then expected, you both were great and by the glimpse of
the photo you posted we can’t wait to see them, it’s incredible everyone keeps telling
us that the photo is an amazing shot!! So truly thank you for working with us!
~ Vincenza & Darryl
(See photo from Vincenza & Darryl’s Wedding…)



Windsor Wedding Photographers www.delmorephotography.comCANNOT BEGIN TO DESCRIBE MY THOUGHTS

Words cannot begin to describe my thoughts and feelings while perusing through the photos.
It brought me right back to one of the most important days of my life. To see it from
this perspective was incredible, the smiles, the love, the people, my dad, Robby,
the details was simply breath taking. The more people we show the better their reaction gets.
I’m so glad you were able to capture such beautiful memories that we will now never forget.
I can’t thank you enough for the amazing job you have done.
~ Natalie & Robby
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Okay first of all…WOW!!! Robby and I are so pleased with the way the pictures turned out.
I must admit the engagement photo shoot has to be one of my favourite things Robby and
I have done as a couple. To this day we talk about how FUN that was. I think we were
in such a state of shock because we weren’t expecting to enjoy ourselves while taking
countless amounts of pictures. It obviously has something to do with your special touch.
Needless to say, we are so excited for the wedding day. You have washed away all of my
nerves for the pictures and we are totally comfortable and confident with you as a our photographer.
Know that your work is truly amazing and I am so happy that we chose to go with you….
I could continue on forever paying you compliments but I think you get the point.

~ Natalie & Robby
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Top Windsor Wedding PhotographersI KEEP SMILING WHILE LOOKING AT THEM!

Wow – the photos are beautiful!!! I keep smiling while looking at them! Thank you so much
for capturing these memories 😀 My husband (still getting use to saying that) says the
photos are really great 
(which says a lot as he’s typically oblivious to such things).
I’m sure you get such responses often,
but it’s true – your talent made all the difference!
We will cherish your work for years to come 🙂

~ Melissa & Ian
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Caesars Windsor Wedding PhotographersWE LOVED WORKING WITH YOU

OMG! The pictures are gorgeous!!!! I know we say it all the time, but truly, you are so talented
and amazing at what you do! And we loved working with you!! Thanks again so much!!
We literally spent 2-3 hours last night going through the photos are re-living that day 🙂

~ Lucas & Diane
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(See photos from Lucas & Diane’s Engagement Part I and Part II Session…)


Top Windsor Wedding PhotographerLOVE, LOVE, LOVE THE PICTURES

We did receive all of your emails and we love, love, love the pictures!
Thank you so much.

~ Joe & Cait
(See photos from Joe & Cat’s Wedding…)
(See photos from Joe & Cait’s Engagement Session…)


Exclusive Windsor Wedding PhotographersI WOULD RECOMMEND HEIKE TO ANYONE!!!!

Heike and her team are amazing to work with. Heike photographed us on many occasions,
all of which were very comfortable and fun! Heike is very warm and inviting and professional.
Her creative eye, authentic touches and making you feel like you are in the middle of a
magazine photo shoot, is especially what we love about her photography style.
I would recommend Heike to anyone!!!!

~ Barbara & Ronnie 
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(See photos from Barbara & Ronnie’s Engagement Session…)


Couture Portrait Ashley Srokosz - Eat what you loveMADE ME SO COMFORTABLE

Heike is the best! She was so fun to work with, and made me so comfortable during the shoot!

~ Ashley Srokosz (www.lovewhatyoueat.ca)
(See photos from Ashley’s photo shoot…)


Windsor Wedding Photographers Mastronadri Winery WeddingYOU HAVE OUTDONE YOURSELF

Our photos are absolutely breathtaking. You have outdone yourself and
captured mine and Chris’ wedding day perfectly. Thank you so much!

~ Natalee & Christopher
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Thank you so much! We had a wonderful experience with you and your team and we are so glad that you
photographed our special day. Thanks for offering – we’ll let you know when we are ready to print
our images. Just want to let you know we received a lot of great comments on our wedding photos that
you posted on your wedding blog :). We can tell and appreciate the attention to detail and the effort
in your editing. Thank you so much!!

~ Esther & Ken
(See photos of Esther & Ken’s Wedding …)


Windsor Ontario Wedding PhotographersCAN’T STOP SMILING!!

We just finished going through every single picture and can’t stop smiling!! We are beyond happy
with the pictures. We don’t know how to thank you enough for capturing our day so perfectly.
We still can’t believe how lucky we were to have you and A to do our photography for our wedding day,
you are both incredibly talented!! Thank you again SO much!!! xoxox
~ Diane & Mac
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Wedding Photographers in Windsor OntarioWE LOVE THEM!

We love them! They look wonderful!! Thank you so much for everything!
~ Jamie & Aaron
(See photos of Jamie and Aaron’s Engagement…)


Exclusive Windsor Ontario Wedding Photography by Heike Delmore - Engagement Photoshoot


Heike I have tears in my eyes, those pictures that I can’t even explain how much they mean to me…
I know how talented you are but when you catch a moment with people’s hearts that means so much.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
~ Kristyn & Dave
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Exclusive Windsor Wedding Photographer in Windsor Ontario


They’re so beautiful!!!!! I’m so happy with them! I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing photos.
We thought you captured the day beautifully! The photos are perfect! Heike, you really have outdone yourself
with this package. It’s beautiful! Thank you so much!!!
~ Andrea & Dan
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Windsor Wedding Photographer Delmore PhotographyNONE OF IT WOULD BE THE SAME WITHOUT YOU

Thank you ladies! Gratitude – like love – fills our hearts! The photos are
lovely and none of it would be the same without you!
~ Andrea & Matthew
(See photos of Andrea & Matthew Wedding …)



Hi Heike! I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas Holiday!!
Your assistant just dropped our wedding book off today. It looks amazing!
Thank you so much you did a fabulous job, Rob and I both love it.
Thanks so much again. Hopefully we see you soon.
~ Steph & Rob
(See photos of Steph & Rob’s Wedding …)


Kingsville Wedding PhotographyBROUGHT TEARS TO MY EYES

This is amazing Heike! It brought tears to my eyes! You captured my most favorite
moment of the night! (besides the actual getting married part of course lol).
I can’t wait to see what u did with all my other photos!
~ Stacey & Jeremy
(See photos of Stacey & Jeremy’s Wedding Teaser…)


Windsor Wedding Photographer | Award winning wedding photographyYOU’RE PHOTOGRAPHING EVERYTHING FOR ME IN THE FUTURE

Thank you for yesterday! It was such a joy working with you! For sure you’re photographing
everything for me in the future; lifestyle, maternity, kids! Lol.
~ Bao & Tuan
(See photos of Bao & Tuan’s Engagement photo shoot…)


Top Windsor Wedding PhotographerYOU MADE THEM FUN

Hey there Heike, just saw the couple of teaser pics, they look awesome.
Just want to thank you again for making a special day even better.
Instead of the pictures being a chore you made them a fun activity for all.
It was if you were part of the wedding party. We all had a great time taking
the pics. Thanks again. I think you’ve got some contest winners there!!
Keep me posted if you need more from my porfolio!! hahah
~ Chris (of Chris & Margaret)
(See photos of Chris & Margaret’s Wedding Teaser…)


Delmore Photography - Windsor Wedding PhotographerI LOVE THEM!

I love them! Thank you for capturing our day so beautifully!
~ Mojhgan & Chris
(See photos of Mojhgan & Chris’ Wedding …)


Perfect Shutter Videography Windsor OntarioA TRUE ARTIST AND PROFESSIONAL

Heike is a true artist and professional. As videographers, we’ve worked alongside Heike at
numerous weddings now. It’s always a treat working with a photographer who is as talented,
creative, and bubbly as she is. We look forward to working with Heike at many more weddings in the future!
~ John Chan, Perfect Shutter


We received the engagement book today. It is absolutely beautiful!! Words
can not describe how happy we are with it and how meaningful it is. There is so much detail
and care in it – something that we could not have done ourselves.
Thank you so much for putting it together and for the beautiful photos!!
~ Tracy & Greg
(See photos of Tracy & Greg’s Engagement Session…)



Thank you so much! We love the teasers and can’t wait to see more!! You were such a great photographer
to work with and we know you took some epic shots! We will recommend you to anyone and everyone 🙂
Thank you for being so thorough efficient, prepared, on time, professional- everything a photographer
should be! We had a great night!!
~ Stevie and Chris
(See photos of Stevie and Chris’ Wedding…)


Top Leamington Wedding Photography Caboto ClubYOU WERE AWESOME!

Oh my goodness. Those pics are gorgeous!! I absolutely love them. Thanks again for everything.
You were awesome!
~ Stephanie & Robert
(See photos of Stephanie and Robert’s Wedding Teaser…)


Center Island Toronto Wedding PhotographersI FEEL VERY GLAMOUROUS

Thanks so much for sending these! I love them so far! It’s strange to
see ourselves in such professional photos! I feel very glamourous.
~ Kate & Tom
(See photos of Kate & Tom’s Toronto Center Island Engagement…)


Windsor Wedding Photographer Sprucewood Shores WineryWE LOVE THAT PICTURE!

Love that picture! Thanks so much for everything Heike!!!!
~ Melanie & Greg
(See photos of Melanie & Greg’s Wedding Teaser…)



Those photos are amazing! We absolutely love them!
~ Erin & Matthew
(See photos of Erin & Matthew’s London Wedding…)


Windsor Wedding Photographer TestimonialIT WAS REALLY GREAT TO WORK WITH YOU

Wow the photos look amazing! They are beautiful! I love the mix of dressy
and casual and the door way outside one turned out really great! Greg and I had a fun evening with you
and it was really great to work with you – we are both very excited for
you to be with us in Ottawa for our wedding. And thank you for spending so much time with us!
~ Tracy & Greg
(See photos of Tracy & Greg’s Toronto Engagement…)


You have truly been so great to us!YOU HAVE BEEN SO GREAT SINCE THE DAY WE MET

Heike – truly, you have been so great since the day we met! We love the video and all the shots so far!
Thank you so much for everything! There is so much energy, fun and emotion in each shot –
you’re truly amazing!  Thank you for capturing such beautiful moments!
~ Dayle & Eduardo


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(See video of Video: Dayle &  Eduardo’s Windsor, ON Wedding…)
(See photos of Dayle & Eduardo’s Kincardine Engagement…)


Willistead Windsor Wedding photographerI CRIED LAST NIGHT LOOKING AT THE PICTURES

I cried last night looking at pictures.
Thank You so much!!!! You are very talented in what you do.
Bless you!!
~ Adriana
(See photos of Adriana & Rosario’s Windsor Wedding…)



Heike, I just wanted to say thank you so very much for your absolutely beautiful work and I’m so
glad that we found you as our photographers! The wedding itself was really amazing but this is what we
get to keep for a lifetime so just wanted to let you know how much these mean to me…
~ Josey
(See photos of Josey & Jeffery Mississauga Wedding…)



Photography is one of the most important things to me when it comes to my engagement and wedding
memories. I am picky, apprehensive, and critical of absolutely everything!! That being said,
Heike, you have made the process of taking engagement photos SO STRESS-FREE! During our shoot,
I saw you push and step on stray grass to get the right shot. You hiked up this ridiculous hill
with us to get to the right locations. You truly are passionate about what you do, and it shows!
We get so many compliments about our photos, but more importantly, for me, I feel so happy that you were
there to capture the moments David and I share together. We will be looking at these photos for the rest of our
lives and sharing them with the next generation. It means so much to us to have had you be our engagement photographer.
Thank you so much for the work you do!
~ Yvonne & David
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(See photos of Yvonne and David’s Engagement Part 2…)


Windsor Wedding Photographer Heike DelmoreYOU MAKE US LOOK LIKE NATURALS

Oh my goodness! Those pictures are AMAZING! Thank you SO much. You are so incredibly talented!
We keep looking at all of them- they are so amazing! You make us look like naturals 🙂
We LOVE them! OBSESSED with the wedding sneak peek!
~ Ali & Sam
(See photos of Ali & Sam’s Engagement…)
(See photos of Ali & Sam’s Wedding…)



The pictures are so beautiful! Thanks so much for capturing our day.
Again, you did a magnificent job! I will certainly be calling you once we
start a family and need some pictures done. Tell Amy thank you for her help
the entire day with my dress…..we all know I couldn’t have done it myself 🙂
~ Cindy & Kyle
(See photos of Cindy & Kyle’s Wedding…)


Josey & Jeffery Wedding, Mississauga, OntarioSO NICE AND FUN TO WORK WITH

Heike! Wow, the pictures are absolutely stunning. I can’t thank both you and Amy for
being so wonderful on my wedding day. It was an absolute pleasure to have you both
there and I honestly believe that we couldn’t have gotten two people who could’ve
done a better job than the both of you!
I keep telling everyone that I feel so lucky to have found you as our photographer!
You were both so nice and fun to work with – I really felt like you were almost a part
of the wedding party! 🙂 All the best and really truly, thank you to both you and Amy for all your hard work
and I’m SO excited to see the rest of our pictures! You guys made my day that much more special! 🙂
~ Josey & Jeffery
(See photos of Josey & Jeffery’s Wedding…)



We just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to you and Amy for capturing our day,
and for doing it with the style and grace in which you did it in. We can’t wait to see it all.
And also thank you for staying back, we appreciate it very much, especially because you’d had
a very long day. We can’t say thank you enough, and how absolutely thrilled that you were the
photographers for our wedding. Lots of love to you both and to your families!
~ Bilal & Erica
(See photos of Bilal & Erica’s Wedding…)



I’m blown away right now, wow! I’m in a small internet cafe in a village
in Lebanon right now. This e-mail was such a breath of fresh air.
I loveee ur work.. so pleased..
~ Nahla Rafih
(See photos of Nahla & Tariq’s Wedding…)


Windsor Wedding Photographer Rain photoTHANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Heike you are awesome!! These are perfect!! Thank you for the amazing pictures,
we both love them so much! I’m SO excited!! You did such a great job on the pictures!
I’ve had so many people tell me how nice they are! Some people think you digitally put the rain
in that picture! It looks so cool!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! 🙂
~ Sarah O’Brien

(See photos of Sarah and Reid’s Wedding…)
(See photos of Sarah and Reid’s Engagement …)



Words cannot describe how grateful I am that I had you as my photographer. I smile every time I
look at my photos, and think to myself “I felt so pretty that day”, but I know it’s only because you
take really good pictures! Hehe. Even Rhett’s buddies say how great our photos turned out,
so I know they are really good when even a guy says that.  In all honesty, I LOVE my
wedding photos and so does all my friends and family. I can’t tell you how many compliments
I get. 🙂  I can’t believe we were published in the magazines! That’s awesome.~ Megan Adams
(See photos of Megan and Rhett’s Wedding…)
(See photos of Megan and Rhett’s Engagement …)
(See photos of Megan and Rhett’s Guest Book …)



I just wanted to let you know that I received the wedding picture discs and we absolutely love them!  You and your assistant were so professional and did a fabulous job.  You made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera.  Thank you for including the extra pictures as well, I am truly thankful for them.  I am having a fantastic time showing them off to friends and family! I will be in touch when we are ready to order some books!  Thanks again for the amazing work!
~ Erin & Bryan Foster

(See photos of Erin & Bryan’s Wedding…)
(See photos of Erin & Bryan’s Engagement …)



Seriously, you are the best photographer I have ever seen…. these are incredible!
(See photos of Ashley and Jeremy…)
~ Ashley Leggat, (http://www.ashleyleggat.net)


Maternity_photography_delmorephotography_windsorontarioSHE CHANGED HER MIND RIGHT AFTER SHE SAW THESE PHOTOS!!!

Thank you.  I love those photos, they are so good!!!!! One of my friends didn’t think she would take maternity photos when she gets pregnant but she changed her mind right after she saw these photos!!!
(See photos of Na… )
~ Na Qu



Thank you Heike for an amazing photo session! Breanna’s pictures are so great, I can’t stop looking at them! Thanks again for making Bree so comfortable during the shoot 🙂 … You have no idea how many compliments we received from our Christmas card thanks to you and that PERFECT shot of her!
(See photos of Breanna…)
~ Caralen Law, Toronto



Heike was so wonderful to work with! She is so creative and makes everything seem so natural. She made us both feel very comfortable in front of the camera. We were lucky to have found the best photographer! Cannot wait to see more and cannot wait to have her photograph our wedding in July. Thanks for the beautiful photos Heike!
(See photos of Cindy & Kyle…)
~ Cindy Lalonde, Windsor



Honestly Heike I can’t stop looking at them they look beautiful….. I cant believe how awesome you made them look!!!!!!!!
(See photos of Kaylyn…)
~ Kaylyn Kyle, Canadian National Athlete (http://twitter.com/Kaylynkyle)



Heike- Ralph and I love the pictures … you truly captured the moment and we can’t thank you enough!!!
(See photos of Anh…)
~ Anh Profiti, Toronto



I just wanted to say thank you again for our beautiful engagement pictures.   We have gotten so many compliments, even photos of just our legs, everyone loved them!  They are awesome.  We had a great time working with you even in the freezing cold.
(See photos of Sarah & Reid… )
~ Sarah & Reid, Windsor